Sister concern

Glance Solutions

Glance Soloution growing team of web architects, web designers and web engineers that produce for the BPO outsourcing market. With experience of 10 years under our belt, we do: WEB APPS, FACEBOOK APPS, MOBILE APPS, IPHONE APPS, IPAD APPS, BLACKBERRY APPS to name a few. Aside from just developing stuff for others. We actually are very involving in our own research & development.

We have dedicated 30% of our team for research on personal works. We live to learn, innovate and improve! Apart from creating applications, we understand how these should be incorporated into the web world.

Natco Solutions

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our clients derive maximum returns on their investments and remain competitive by implementing the best fit solutions. We establish lasting relationships with our clients through implementing better business strategies and solutions.

We have support infrastructure backed by ERP Consultants (EC) who study enterprise requirements, Solutions Architects (SA) who design the appropriate solutions and Implementation Engineers (IE) who implement solutions, all working in tandem for a planned and efficient Enterprise Resource Planning system.